How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Roof

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your Roof

Various kinds of roofing shingles are available. Asphalt is the most common one which costs $80 to $100 every square. A square is equal to one hundred square feet. The cedar shingles cost $160. Let’s assume the roof is 1300 to 1500 square feet. You will need 13 to 15 squares of shingles.

Breaking Down All Expenses

Which means the total cost is $1500. A roofing felt is needed which costs $18 per roll. Total cost of the roofing felt is $90. For attaching the materials together roofing nail gun is required. A roll of 1 1/4’’ galvanized nails cost $65. The roofing cement costs $22 every gallon. The contractor’s fee is $3 per square foot of work. So, overall asphalt shingles will cost $4500.

Installing wooden roof requires more work. First you need to remove the previous roofing and add plywood. The cost of removing the roof is the contractor’s fee which is $3 per square foot. About 20 plywood would be necessary, each costing $20, which is a total of $800. The cost of re-shingling with wooden material will cost $5 to $7 per square foot. So the total cost will be $10,500.

How Long Will It Take?

Time is a major factor that homeowners must consider within the cost of the project. Asphalt shingles are cheap and it is much convenient to install. But wooden shingles will last for 30 to 50 years. Wooden shingles are also more environment friendly and provides better installation.

If you are very short of budget then you can go for asphalt, else wooden materials are definitely better. The costs of materials vary now and then. You should contact an expert or a local contractor to know the exact cost of the materials so that you can estimate your budget. Hire a good roof expert, tell your budget and they will provide you the best solution.

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