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Listening to Water Damage


It is often reiterated that the skill of listening is the first in a series of skills that a person must master in order to serve his or her customers more effectively. This is especially true when it comes to a technician who arrives at a house for the purpose of repairing water damage Utah. The skill of listening enables the technician to acquire necessary information about the water damage. He or she can then identify and make clear the key issues regarding the damage the water has caused. From there the technician can make the correct decisions regarding how to remedy the situation

Listening skills also serve the technician by facilitating the creation of a team whose task it will be to repair the water damage Utah. The technician can learn to improve his or her listening skills by maintaining an open mind, establishing and maintaining solid eye contact with the person he or she is listening to as well as asking relevant questions of the person to whom he or she is talking to in order to confirm that he or she understands the information being conveyed.

There are other strategies the technician can employ in order to become a better listener. First, he or she can maintain an awareness of his or her body language. As long as the technician makes an intention to relax he or she will then be able to listen more effectively. This can be done outwardly by uncrossing his or her arms and legs and avoid the tapping his or her fingers or making other nervous hand gestures. Second, the technician should seek out and internalize the speaker’s primary message. By doing so, the technician will better absorb the information the speaker is trying to convey. With a better absorption of the information he or she will then become better able to solve the problem at hand.


Fixing Water Damage

What are the different kinds of damage that water can inflict upon a house?

WD : There are many different kinds of water damage Utah. Wood can warp and rot for example.

What do you do to repair this type of damage?

WD : Most of the time the damaged piece of wood has to be removed and replaced. If the wood is located behind drywall then that drywall also has to be cut out in order to replace the damaged wood. If the structural wood is damage then the drywall will be damaged as well so that almost always has to be ripped out.

What other types of water damage Utah are there?

WD : Mold is a big one. Anytime a house or other structure is inundated with water and it is not dried out quickly mold will start to grow. Mold can be very dangerous because it can cause health problems to the people who breath in its spores.

How do you get rid of mold once it starts to grow?

WD : The surfaces affected by mold either need to be removed or treated with chemicals that kill the mold. Moreover the whole structure needs to be dried out to make sure the mold does not grow back.

Are there any other kinds of water damage?

WD : Water will damage and destroy furniture and other personal items. The type of damage caused will depend upon the amount of water the item was exposed to and how water resistant the materials are that the item is made of.

Do you enjoy fixing the damage that water causes to structures?

WD : Of course I do. When you repair something you can see the results of your labor. It is not like sitting in some cubicle somewhere in a corporation where you are several steps removed from the actual problem you and probably other levels of people are working to solve.

Research Your Roofing Topic

The seventh project in the Toastmaster’s Competent Communicator Manual is entitled “Research Your Topic” and focuses on creating a speech based upon independent research. The idea behind this project is that speeches can be made more effective if they are supported by external facts and statistics. It is no surprise that the first objective for this project is to gather information about the topic selected for this particular speech. For example if a speaker decided to deliver a speech about the effect of water damage Utah upon a house he or she might want to research all the different types of damage that water can do to a house including but not limited to rot, mold, warping and rust.

The second objective of project number six is for the speaker to carefully support his or her selected points and opinions with specific facts, examples and illustrations gathered through the performance of independent research. Using the example of a speaker who chose to speak on the topic of water damage Utah, he or she might address the objective in several different ways. First of all, he or she may choose to research the various health effects that mold can have on a person. Second of all, he or she may choose to research the potential cost of repair for the different types of damage that water can create. Whatever particular way the speaker wishes to approach the research of the chosen topic, the speaker should use the specific facts or data obtained in a way that most effectively supports both the general purpose and the specific purpose of the speech. The goal is to convince the audience of a particular point of view. Accordingly, the research cited should work to further this goal directly. This is the lens through which the speaker should approach the information he or she is researching.

Old Leaky Pipes

Water Damage Caused by Leaking Pipes

Water damage Utah can flow from any number of sources. For example, water damage can result from a broken dishwasher hose, an overflowing washing machine, a leaking dishwasher, cracked or leaking pipes, or obstructed toilets. According to government statistics, 13.7 percent of the entirety of water used in the average American home in this modern day and age is associated with some form of a plumbing leak. This works out to be around ten thousand gallons of water is lost through leaks for each US home every year. Even a seemingly insignificant crack measuring only a fraction of an inch can leak over hundred gallons of water over the course of a twenty four hour period. Interestingly, broken water pipes rank second to hurricanes in terms of both the number of homes damaged and the amount of insurance claims costs in the United States. Accordingly, homeowners should be extremely vigilant in inspecting and protecting their homes from water leaks. For this reason experts in the field of water leaks recommend that homeowners inspect and replace all worn pipe fittings and hose connections for all water using household appliances annually. Appliances fitting this category include washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories, refrigerator icemakers, water softeners and humidifiers. There are a few United States corporations that offer leak protection systems which cover an entire house using what are called flow-based technologies and moisture sensor-based technologies. Many insurance companies charge policy holders lower rates for installing a leak protection system. As far as insurance coverage is concerned, many forms of water damage Utah caused by bad weather is considered flood damage and normally is not covered under homeowners insurance. Coverage for water damage associated with bad weather would often require a separate flood insurance policy. Any home owner who is not sure whether their home owner’s insurance policy covers water damage should consult with their insurance carrier to find out.

Water Damage Both Real and Symbolic

Water carries with it a rich symbolic legacy that is as old as mankind itself. When a person is submerged in the waters of baptism he emerges cleansed of sin and a new person. In addition to the cleansing properties of water they are also metaphorically connected with birth. Women speak of their water breaking immediately before a baby begins its short but arduous journey through the birth canal. Anyone who has had the opportunity to witness a birth can attest that water is present in abundance. Water in this context seems to be a positive force however it is quite the opposite when viewed within the context of water damage Utah to a home or other structure.

When a home is damaged by water quick action is required. The homeowner must contact their insurance carrier as well as coordinating contractors to assess the damage and then to clean it up. All this required action is very much rooted in the requirements of the physical worlds and very far removed from the realm of the symbolic discussed in the previous paragraph. It is interesting to speculate and philosophize upon the nexus between these two different but mysteriously connected subjects.

On the one hand water damage Utah to a house or structure is a physical event. On the other hand the symbolic cleansing power of water which washes away the old order in favor of the new seems to be an event on the level of the spiritual. Yet both perspectives describe the same event and both descriptions happen simultaneously. The nexus of course is water which obeys the laws of fluid dynamics independently and seemingly without thought or compassion towards the plight of the humans whose houses and structures it damages. These are weighty issues indeed and their settlement is well outside the scope of a three hundred to five hundred word article.