Fixing Water Damage

Fixing Water Damage

What are the different kinds of damage that water can inflict upon a house?

WD : There are many different kinds of water damage Utah. Wood can warp and rot for example.

What do you do to repair this type of damage?

WD : Most of the time the damaged piece of wood has to be removed and replaced. If the wood is located behind drywall then that drywall also has to be cut out in order to replace the damaged wood. If the structural wood is damage then the drywall will be damaged as well so that almost always has to be ripped out.

What other types of water damage Utah are there?

WD : Mold is a big one. Anytime a house or other structure is inundated with water and it is not dried out quickly mold will start to grow. Mold can be very dangerous because it can cause health problems to the people who breath in its spores.

How do you get rid of mold once it starts to grow?

WD : The surfaces affected by mold either need to be removed or treated with chemicals that kill the mold. Moreover the whole structure needs to be dried out to make sure the mold does not grow back.

Are there any other kinds of water damage?

WD : Water will damage and destroy furniture and other personal items. The type of damage caused will depend upon the amount of water the item was exposed to and how water resistant the materials are that the item is made of.

Do you enjoy fixing the damage that water causes to structures?

WD : Of course I do. When you repair something you can see the results of your labor. It is not like sitting in some cubicle somewhere in a corporation where you are several steps removed from the actual problem you and probably other levels of people are working to solve.